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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Boone County Introduces Canvus Cocktails

Boone County has introduced a new ready-to-drink alcohol brand called Canvus that is aimed at the creator community. Each can features original art from regional artists designed to highlight the flavors of the brand.

Mike Wells, Canvus Co-Founder says:

We want to put the creator community we’re hoping to grow and nurture as our top priority. It’s what differentiates Canvus. From our cans that put artists front and center, to our financial investments into local creators and their passion projects, our mission is to inspire creativity in every person who picks up a Canvus. We spent a huge amount of time and effort to create flavors that invoke craft cocktail style and creativity, but we wanted to do it in a way that was delicious, easy to drink, and refreshing. Real cocktails can be heavy and hard to drink; delicious sure, but not necessarily refreshing. We’re the better, way more delicious, fun replacement to the boring, flavorless seltzer. 

The initial product launch is:

  • Bourbon Mule (8%ABV): Smoky bourbon. Fizzy Ginger Beer. A slight hint of freshly squeezed limes. Transport your party back to 1940’s Hollywood with this one. Copper Mug not included.

  • Bourbon Lemon Spice (8%ABV): Lemon zest mixed with warming spices simmered together with woodsy notes. This is what happens when a speakeasy makes love with a holiday party.

  • Raspberry Vodka Lemonade (8%ABV): Tart and sweet, but not enough to make your face pucker. Your neighborhood lemonade stand certainly isn’t selling anything like this.

  • Cucumber Jalapeno (8% ABV): Our most polarizing flavor for the most polarizing people. Refreshingly spicy. Cucumber to quench your thirst and a hint of heat to make your head tilt ever-so-slightly.

Canvus is debuting in northern Kentucky, just across the river for those in Cincinnati. You can find more information and product availability at

My Take

This is officially a trend as this is the second distillery jumping into the ready-to-drink cocktail market (following Bulleit a few months ago). What's interesting is that Boone County introduced Canvus Cocktails, but it wasn't mentioned that Boone County Bourbon is the bourbon involved in creating the mixtures... something to think about. 

As I'm on record, I'm not a huge fan of ready-to-make cocktails. I think they're gimmicky and geared towards college kids. I'd much rather make a cocktail myself... 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comments below.

Source: Boone County

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