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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

OHLQ Announces Ohio Release of Four Roses Private Selection Barrel Strength

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced the release of  Four Roses Private Selection Barrel Strength bottles hitting stores the week of March 14th at a price of $74.99 + tax per bottle. 

The State has 12 barrels worth of product to sell that was selected by the distiller and OHLQ exclusively for Ohio. Since these are single barrel bottles, they will vary by proof and taste depending on what barrel they were bottles from. The specific barrel is written on the bottle to help identify. The tasting notes are:

  • Barrel # LE 52-1 B — 110 Proof — Age: 10.5
    Lacey glass presence typical of a barrel-proof expression. Light honey color with aromas of butterscotch, earthy toasted oak, light licorice, and mint. Sweet flavor profile with candied fruits and a lingering jammy viscosity across the middle to back of the palate. Lasting sweet finish.

  • Barrel # PN 29-3 E — 116.9 Proof — Age: 9.1
    Aroma of toasted oak, currants, and vanilla. Taste of bold spice developing into honey and orchard fruits. Nice viscosity and lasting finish.

  • Barrel # PN 31-2 T — 112 Proof — Age: 9.8
    Aroma of oak, caramel, and vanilla with fresh fruits and subtle rye spices.  Complex taste with dark fruits, toffee, cinnamon, vanilla. Peppery finish.

  • Barrel # PS 58-4 G — 118.7 Proof — Age: 11.6
    Notes of tobacco, caramel, and spice.

  • Barrel # QN 10-1 W — 107.7 Proof — Age: 9.9
    Bold spice profile with a dry, lingering finish.

  • Barrel # RS 79-4 C — 120.8 Proof — Age: 10.8
    Sweet honey aroma with delicate floral notes. Taste of balanced sweetness with hints of black pepper and candied fruits.

  • Barrel # RS 79-5 N — 121.2 Proof — Age: 10.5
    Notes of caramel and dried fruit with a light pepper finish.

  • Barrel # TS 85-5 V — 121.3 Proof — Age: 9.8
    Sweet, creamy profile with notes of caramel and Graeter’s Coconut Ice Cream.

  • Barrel # QN 10-3 N — 115 Proof — Age: 9.6
    Hints of fruit and cayenne spice with a floral finish.

  • Barrel # RS 77-2 O — 115.9 Proof — Age: 10.3
    Thin and lacey in the glass, typical of a barrel-proof expression. Creamy vanilla aroma, with apple, dark fruits, leather, and black pepper, finishing with lighter floral notes. Black pepper on the front to middle of the palate, with more leather and apples. Finishing with a lingering oaky character.

  • Barrel # SN 86-2 W — 111.9 Proof — Age: 9.7
    Unique and complex floral profile with notes of sugar, leather, chocolate, and mint.

  • Barrel # TS 85-5 A — 122.8 Proof — Age: 9.11
    Notes of stone fruit with hints of sweet vanilla.

My Take

All these bottles are 9 years or older so that's a good start. Also, barrel strength means that it's not watered down and takes the bourbon directly from the barrel (after it's filtered usually). Then the $75 + tax price... it's not overly expensive. If you see this while you're at your local liquor store, I recommend picking up a bottle. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comments below. 

Source: OHLQ

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