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Friday, February 11, 2022

Watershed Announces Watershed Eaves Cask Strength Bourbon Release and Lottery

Watershed has announced a collaboration with Marianne Eaves on a new cask strength collaboration blend (bottled at 130.3 proof) that will be available via lottery beginning Feb. 16th. 

For those unfamiliar with Marianne Eaves, I've written about her here and here. For those unfamiliar with her, she started at Brown Forman (Woodford, Old Forester, Early Times, etc.) where she started in a research and development co-op while in college and worked her way up to the title of Master Taster and then became Kentucky’s First Female Bourbon Master Distiller since Prohibition while at Castle & Key. It's notable that she left prior to releasing any bourbons to market, but was instrumental in creating and barreling a lot the bourbon aging there now. 

Of this release, she says: 

My ‘aha moment’ was realizing that there are so many other regions and distilleries outside of Kentucky that are making exceptional bourbons, too. This Ohio collaboration gave me the chance finally to work with some energetic and trailblazing industry friends. Watershed should be on everyone’s shortlist of amazing bourbons and believe me when I say they are only going to get better from here.

This release was created as part of the Eaves Blind Series which was concepted by Marianne to showcase regions outside of Kentucky that make great bourbon. There are seven other distillers in addition to Watershed that are part of this series

  • Oregon Spirit Distillers (Bend, OR)
  • Distillery 291 (Colorado Springs, TX)
  • St. Augustine Distillery (St. Augustine, FL)
  • Stumpy’s Spirits Distillery (Columbia, IL)
  • Treaty Oak Distillery (Dripping Springs, TX)
  • Journeyman Distillery (Three Oaks, MI)
  • King’s County Distillery (Brooklyn, NY)

Watershed Eaves Cask Strength Bourbon is bottled at 130.3 proof (65.15% alcohol), barreled for four years, and will come with a price is $150 per 750 ml bottle. The bottle lottery will open on Feb. 16th and closes on March 9th. Must be 21 years or older to enter. Winners will be notified and given the opportunity to purchase one bottle in person from Watershed’s bottle shop. The tasting notes provided are warm cinnamon and brown sugar, citrus peel and toasted oak with a sweet creamy palate. 

You can enter the lottery starting on the 16th here:

My Take

Very cool that Watershed is part of the Eaves Blend Series. Anything to get some exposure for Ohio and Columbus is always awesome and a great opportunity for Watershed. In terms of the actual release, $150 per bottle is a lot, but not crazy for a four year cask strength. I haven't reviewed Watershed and don't have a lot of experience with the brand, so this is one I'll probably be sitting out. However, if you're a fan, this is definitely something you'll want to take your chances on to try to win the lottery. 

Source & Images: Watershed Distillery

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