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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) Announces WhistlePig Home-Field Hog Batch - Coming Week of Dec. 13

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced a never-before-released mash bill blend for Ohio from WhistlePig called Home-Field Hog Batch. It will be available in select stores the week of December 13 with a price of $64.99 plus tax. 

In order to track down a bottle, you'll need to head to this website (link) to see if any stores in your area were allocated any bottles. Per the State website, store locations will be made available on a daily basis as stores receive their shipments so, if interested, you may need to do a fair amount of work to find a bottle. 

The mash bill for this release is 50% Rye/ 40% Wheat/ 10% Barley and features 50% of WhistlePig’s farm-to-bottle rye whiskey. It comes in at 86 proof (43% alcohol). 

My Take

In theory, this seems like a good deal. Sadly, there were no details given on how much allocation there will be so trying to find this, may be a waste of time... especially with the people who seem to know ahead of time and camp out at stores... I think the reddit thread below sums up the limited releases by OHLQ. If you are lucky enough to stumble on this, I'd recommend picking up a bottle. The price seems reasonable and this could be a good starter on getting to know WhistlePig a little better. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 

Source: OHLQ

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