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Monday, September 20, 2021

Heaven Hill Workers on Strike

Members of UFCW Local 23D (United Food & Commercial Workers) have been on strike since September 11th, picketing Heaven Hill Distillery and its recently proposed 5-year contract. The reasons given for the strike is the new contract removes a cap on health insurance premium increases that reduce take-home pay, cuts overtime, and drastically changes work schedules which makes it harder for employees to support and care for their families. 

For context, Heaven Hill has reports of $500+ million in revenue per year, had $165 million to buy Irish Mist in 2017, and $266 million to buy Black Velvet Canadian whiskey in 2019

Some of the more popular Heaven Hill brands are:
  • Elijah Craig Bourbon
  • Evan Williams Bourbon
  • Fighting Cock Bourbon
  • Heaven Hill Bourbon
  • Henry McKenna Bourbon
  • Larceny Bourbon
  • Old Fitzgerald Bourbon
  • Parkers Heritage Collection

My Take

I'll go ahead and say it... it's really shitty when giant corporations play hardball with their employees... Especially ones who were on the front lines making hand sanitizer and going in to work every day. Heaven Hill can do the right thing and pay their essential workers. 

Source: WHAS-11

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