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Monday, August 9, 2021

OHLQ Announces Weller 12 Lottery Winners

The Ohio Department of Liquor has posted the results of the 2021 Weller 12 lottery. Once again, there was no Mark R. on the winners list continuing my streak of never winning.

I reached out to the State of Ohio. For this lottery, there were 574 available bottles and 49,219 entries... which puts the odds at 1.17% or 1 in 86. 

For this lottery, it was great to be named Adam W (who won four times) or Leslie G (who won three times). 

  • Adam W. 1000697
  • Adam W. 1020311
  • Adam W. 1024658
  • Adam W. 1026137
  • Leslie G. 1018140
  • Leslie G. 1042685
  • Leslie G. 1047468

Congrats to all the winners. To see the entire list, click here

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