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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Lux Row Announces Arrival of Blood Oath Pact #7 - Finished in Sauternes Casks

MGP Owned, Lux Row Distillery has announced the arrival of their Blood Oath Pact #7. This is Lux Row's ultra-premium bourbon released once a year in limited quantities and sold at a premium price.

John Rempe, Lux Row Master Distiller, and creator of Blood Oath #7 says:
Finishing in a Sauternes cask brings additional tasting notes and flavor to the bourbon. In the case of Pact 7, expect a nose of caramel, oak and spice with flavor notes of apricots, honey and peaches. The balance of sweetness and spice is what sets this bourbon apart.

Blood Oath #7 is a combination of three Kentucky straight bourbon whiskeys: a 14-year ryed bourbon, an 8-year ryed bourbon, and an 8-year ryed bourbon finished in Sauternes casks. Per the press release, Saunternes is a sweet white wine from the small town of Sauternes in the Bordeaux region of France

Blood Oath #7 will launch with a limited edition of 51,000 bottles and an MSRP of $99.99 per bottle. The bottle features a French blue label hue which is a nod to the Saunternes. The product is listed on the State website as coming to Ohio, but carries a much higher price of $119.99. 

My Take

The first thing I want to know is what does the State think is so special about this that they're selling a whopping 20% above MSRP? This is the latest example of how stupid it is to have the State setting the price and demand instead of letting consumers and demand determine. 

In terms of the whiskey... this is a very popular release by Lux Row. The $99.99 price seems reasonable. I'm not sold on the $119.99 price. I think if you're a Blood Oath fan or a John Rempe fan, this is one to seek out. If you're more of a casual bourbon and whiskey fan, this is one to probably sit out unless you're in a different state and see it on the shelf and it peaks your interest. 

What do you think? Drop me a note in the comments below. 

Source: Lux Row 

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