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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) Announces Rebel Distiller’s Collection and Crown Royal selection

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced two new exclusives coming to Ohio shelves in December. The first from Lux Row Distillers called Rebel Distiller's Collection and the second being exclusive barrels from Crown Royal called Crown Royal selection (no idea why the 's' on selection isn't capitalized, but it's not on the announcements so...). 

Rebel Distiller's Collection - I wasn't able to find much on this release as the Lux Row website was useless. However, when I embiggen the picture from the press release, it has a 113 proof (56.5% alcohol) and says the barrel was filled in 2015 making this a 5 year bourbon. No tasting notes were provided and it comes with a price of $39.99 + tax. 

Crown Royal selection - The State has been allocated 13 hand selected barrels for Ohio. Again, not much information was provided, but the picture is showing a 103 proof (51.5% alcohol) and a price of $54.99 + tax. 

My Take

Both of these releases are intriguing. It's not often to find a higher proof bottle of Crown Royal and I'm always intrigued by what comes out of Lux Row. As you may know, one of the highest rated bourbons I've reviewed is the Old Ezra 7 Year Barrel Strength. Because of the track record, if I see a bottle of the Rebel Distiller's Collection, I'm picking it up, no questions asked. The Crown is a different equation. I like Crown, but I'm not sure I like it enough to grab a bottle of the Ohio selection. If you're a big Canadian Whisky fan, definitely pick it up... If not, your money may be better served picking up a bourbon you haven't tried before. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 

Source: OHLQ

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