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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Tips to Store Your Bourbon Collection

Heaven Hill posted a great article on how to store and care for your whiskey and bourbon collection including many tips and techniques by industry experts to maximize freshness because no one wants liquor that has skunked. 

Some of the key takeaways are:
  1. Store in a cool dark place - Basements are perfect... attics and windows... not so much. 
  2. Once opened try to drink within 6 months - Jason Brauner, Owner of Bourbon Bistro in Louisville says that he doesn't feel comfortable selling whiskey from a bottle that’s been opened for more than 6 months so he'll discount accordingly or drink himself
  3. Never store horizontally (like wine)
  4. Store bottles or boxes on elevated shelving, not in direct contact with the floor or wall
  5. When buying a bottle to store, check for seepage/leaks around the cork
The entire article is well worth a read for any novice or seasoned collector.

Source: Heaven Hill

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