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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) Announces Speyburn's Companion Cask (Scotch) - Available January 10

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced the first release of 2020 with the availability of three barrels of Speyburn's Companion Casks, which are matured in ex-Buffalo Trace Distillery casks. The bottles will be available beginning at select locations (list below) at 9am on Friday, January 10th. For this release, the state worked with Master Distiller Bobby Anderson to taste and select the barrels that will only be available in Ohio.

This release was made to celebrate...
Speyburn’s long history of only using the best casks, sourced from Kentucky’s finest distillers. 
Meticulously air-dried in the traditional way and with the last drops of sweet bourbon extracted, these sought-after, empty casks were shipped to Speyside, where they were filled with smooth, Speyburn spirit. 
They mellowed in our traditional dunnage warehouse, whilst the subtle complexities of the oak, and the soft, Speyside air, added to the character of the whisky. The result; a collection of unique single casks of sweet, creamy whisky with vanilla and citrus notes and a warm, smooth aftertaste.
It comes in at 92 proof (46% alcohol) and will sell for $44.98 + tax and offers the following tasting notes:

Color: Pale golden with silver highlights.
Nose: Light, citrus fruits, lemon drizzle cake, vanilla, caramel, honey, fresh wood, pencil shavings.
Finish: Sweet, honey, vanilla, caramel, nutty, spicy, leathery, bitter chocolate. The finish is medium, sweet, with creamy honey, spices, warming, tongue tingling and lip-smacking.

My Take

Single malt scotch isn't really my thing so I'll be sitting this one out. If you are a Speyburn fan or a fan of single malt and live near one of the locations, this seems like an ok release... there are a minimum of 78 bottles at each location so you should be able to get one if you show up a bit before opening and the price is reasonable (Speyburn 10 goes for $29.99 + tax).

If you do end of checking this out, drop a note in the comments at the bottom of the page with your thoughts.

Locations (alphabetical by city)

1020 East Main St.,
78 Bottles, Cask 377

Northwest Wine & Spirits
821 Bethel Rd.,
84 Bottles, Cask 400

2630 Bailey Rd.,
Cuyahoga Falls
84 Bottles, Cask 391

Jungle Jim's Fruit Market
5440 Dixie Highway,
84 Bottles, Cask 377

Giant Eagle
55 Meadow Park Ave.,
Lewis Center
144 Bottles, Cask 400

Giant Eagle
15919 Pearl Rd.,
84 Bottles, Cask 391

Miami Valley Wine & Spirits
943 West Main St.,
Tipp City
84 Bottles, Cask 400

Joseph's Beverage Center
4129 Talmadge Rd.,
84 Bottles, Cask 391

Buehler's Milltown
3540 Burbank Rd., Wooster
84 Bottles, Cask 377

A & C Southway Beverage
45 South Ave.,
84 Bottles, Cask 377 & Cask 391

Source: OHLQ

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