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Monday, December 16, 2019

Bardstown Bourbon Company & The Prisoner Wine Announce New Bourbon Collaboration

Bardstown Bourbon Company has announced a new collaboration with The Prisoner Wine Company for a collaborative bourbon finished in The Prisoner red wine barrels scheduled for release in January of 2020. The new spirit is a 100-proof, nine-year-old Tennessee bourbon aged for 18 months in the same French Oak red wine barrels used to age The Prisoner's flagship product, The Prisoner. 

Steve Nally, Master Distiller at The Bardstown Bourbon Company states:
This spirit is very complex, with a welcoming bouquet of blackberry and black cherry, blended with honey and vanilla. The luxury wine blend's red fruit flavors take the lead on the palate.
This new release is the latest addition to the Bardstown Bourbon Company's Collaborative Series. This fits well with the The Collaborative Series, which has recently seen releases finished in brandy and Muscat Mistelle barrels.

This new release will be available in January in the existing Bardstown Bourbon locations, which is supposed to include Ohio in the coming year. No price information or official tasting notes were provided.

My Take

Since Bardstown hasn't been available in Ohio, this isn't a brand most people have heard of, but is an up and coming brand that I'm keeping my eye on. For this product, I'd stay away unless you are a huge fan of The Prisoner. I'd be more interested in trying their flagship bourbons before I branch out into The Collaborative Series. It's also hard to recommend without tasting notes or price information.

If you see this out and about or get a taste, drop a note in the comments with your thoughts.

Source: Bardstown Bourbon Company

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