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Monday, September 16, 2019

Bourbon & Whiskey Meetup in Columbus - October 9th!

Calling all bourbon and whiskey lovers in Ohio! Some friends of the site are starting a whiskey club. All are welcome and the initial information is below. This is a great event if you are new to bourbon or a seasoned vet. If you are interested or have any questions or suggestions, drop a note to

The idea is to meet, taste some whiskey, meet new friends and have some fun. We have been delayed starting as our original location we were going to meet unexpectedly closed but in that happening I think we ended up with a better place. The Buckeye Bourbon House (BBH - 36 E Gay St, Columbus, OH 43215) has agreed to host our meetings. They seem to be very accommodating.

We are thinking of meeting once a month on the second Wednesday of the month from 5:30 to 6:30. BBC has agreed to a flat $10 charge that will include the tasting and some munchies. They talked about doing side by side tastings and even 3 whiskey flights for this price from time to time. The first "official" meeting we are shooting for is October 9th. That being said we can have an "unofficial" meeting on September 18th at BBH. They will be having Beam Suntory there and will have FREE samples from 6 - 8.

During the meetings we would do the following:

- Blind Tasting: we will be given a selection to taste without knowing what it is until it is unveiled.

- Tasting and Scoring: we will use a tasting wheel to document what you taste and you can give the whiskey a score. We will combine the scores and the BBC may publish them for their patrons to know what we scored and what we tasted. All of the tasting wheels will be done anonymously.

- Experts: BBH is going to source experts to talk about the whiskey we drink. Normally they will be from the distillery. This may not be for every meeting but the way they talked it could be frequent.

- Barrel Pick: One of the goals for this club would be to organize a barrel pick. This is when you go to the distillery and pick your own barrel. Then have the ability to buy your own bottles from the barrel.

- Trips: Based on interest from the group, trips to the bourbon trail could be organized.

What this group WON'T do:

- Whiskey Snobbery: We don't want anyone to feel inadequate because of whiskey snobs. This group will be very inclusive and the best way to drink whiskey is the way you like to drink it.

Hope everyone can join us on October 9th. I do have 2 things I would like you to do. Invite others to join us. I hope this is setup so anyone from whiskey experts to whiskey curious would like to come. The other is to think about how "wide" we would like the whiskey choices. Do we want to be bourbon only, American whiskey only that includes rye, Tennessee and other American whiskey or anything deemed whiskey. Let me know what you think in that.

Other dates at BBH that you may be interested in:

September 16 - Bulleit from 6 - 8 will be there with free samples

September 18 - Makers Mark from 6 - 8 will be there with free samples

September 25 - Brown Forman from 6 - 8 will have Whiskey Pete there and will have 100 proof flights from $12 - $15. Brown Forman brands include Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester, Cooper's Craft and others.

For any questions on the event, please email

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