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Monday, May 20, 2019

Woodford Announces Latest Master's Collection Called 2019 Batch Proof

Woodford has announced their latest addition to their Master's Collection in the form of a new spirit called '2019 Batch Proof'.

This new bourbon is crafted using the same mash bill as Woodford Reserve (72% corn, 18% rye, 10% malted barley) but instead of being cut with water, it is bottled in a more pure form and bottled at 123.2 proof (versus 90.4 for regular Woodford Reserve). The tasting notes from Woodford are:

Aroma: Rich oak, overripe banana, and marzipan, with hints of orange oil, dusted graham cracker and dried cherry.

Taste: Dried apricot drizzled with rich dark chocolate layered over toasted hazelnuts and coffee with faint flavors of cinnamon and clove.

Finish: A long finish of spearmint and sweet cedar wood.

Our Take

Batch proof is a cool concept and very similar to single barrel. With single barrel, the distiller takes what it sounds like, and produces bottles out of a single barrel. This means that each barrel will potentially produce a different flavor and different proof. This batch proof has done the same thing, except the barrels have been mixed to create a single flavor profile and proof for added consistency. I've always been excited for the Master's Collections and the 2017 Cherry Wood Smoked Barley is something I save for special occasions. I don't think this has the same uniqueness of previous editions, but is something I could see picking up if I saw it on the shelves for the anticipated price of $99.99 (no MSRP was given by Woodford, but this is the most common price I've seen for previous editions).

If you do see this out and about or get a taste, drop a note in the comments.

Source: Woodford

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