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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Buffalo Trace Announces New Bottling Available for Charities

Buffalo Trace has announced new bottles that will benefit various charities across the country. As you may know, Buffalo Trace has the world's only bonded single barrel aging warehouse. This means that they have a warehouse dedicated to one barrel that is certified by the government (bonded). They use this to hold their special barrels. Starting in 2008, this held their 6 millionth barrel produced.... however, in 2018, they had to make room for their 7 millionth barrel... this meant the previous barrel needed to be moved to a another warehouse to continue to mature.

Buffalo Trace has now determined that it is time to begin bottling the 6 millionth barrel in limited edition 375ml bottles going exclusively to non-profit organizations for fundraising opportunities. The barrel produced 400 bottles that will be given free to charge to charities in order to auction off to raise money.

Each bottle has a handwritten description on the glass and 'packaged in a numbered hardwood showcase box that includes a piece of the charred oak stave from the historic barrel and small brochure explaining the significance of this collector’s edition.' To be considered, a charity must:
...submit an official U.S. non-profit tax ID number and auction the bottle within the 2019 calendar year. Applications will be taken online only at Recipients of these bottles shall be notified by email in early July. Bottles will be shipped free of charge in August 2019 and recipients will have until Dec. 31, 2019 to auction the bottle... The cutoff date to submit an online application is July 1st, 2019.
Buffalo Trace senior marketing director, Kris Comstock says:
“We’re thrilled to be able to do something with the bottles to help those in need. We decided on the 375ml size bottles, rather than a larger size, to allow for more bottles so we can help more charities. We really hope whiskey enthusiasts will help some deserving non-profit groups raise serious money. These bottles are beautiful, the package is first class, and the bourbon tastes amazing. Our goal is to raise $500,000 for charity!”
Our Take

This is a really cool thing by Buffalo Trace. They could have done a million different things with the 6 millionth barrel and giving to charities is one of the best things they could do. This is a win-win for Buffalo Trace as it rightfully boosts their brand while helping charity. What could be better. We're excited to start seeing the auctions start popping up across the county and hope a lot of charities in Ohio get picked!

Source: Buffalo Trace

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