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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ohio Division of Liquor Control Announces Weller CYPB Raffle on March 14

The Ohio Department of Commerce - Division of Liquor Control has announced a new raffle for Weller CYPB taking place on March 14 at four locations across the state.

The raffle for the Weller CYPB will take place on Thursday, March 14th at the following locations:
Jungle Jim's International Market
5440 Dixie Highway, Fairfield
54 bottles 
Walt Churchill's Market
3320 Briarfield Boulevard, Maumee
42 bottles 
Giant Eagle
15919 Pearl Road, Strongsville
54 bottles 
Giant Eagle
3061 Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington
66 bottles
Each event starts at 6 p.m. and entries will be collected until 7:30 p.m.. Winners will be announced at 7:30 p.m., and you must be present to purchase. One entry per person. A valid ID must be presented when entering and to verify winners. Must be 21+ to enter.

For those unfamiliar with Weller CYPB, this is a result of their “Craft Your Perfect Bourbon” website where users could build their ideal whiskeys using a combination of recipe, proof, warehouse location, and age. According to Buffalo Trace (maker of Weller), the consensus was a wheated recipe bourbon, aged on the highest warehouse floors for eight years and bottled at 95 proof. This was then produced and became Weller CYPB.

In terms of taste, this is one we haven't experienced before and is extremely rare to see in Ohio. The flavor profile from Buffalo Trace says:
"A light aroma with citrus and oak on the nose. The palate is well rounded and balanced, with a medium-long finish and hints of vanilla."
 Should you win the raffle, the bottles will be sold for $39.99 + tax.

As much as we hate these auctions, this one is intriguing due to the rarity of the product. If you do go, plan on large crowds. When the state raffled Weller 12 last year in Columbus, estimates had the crowd near 1000 people for less than 100 bottles. We're expecting similar numbers for this due to the Weller mystic and the rarity of the CYPB in Ohio.

If you do end up going, drop a note in the comments with your experience.

As always, we'll continue to monitor all state bourbon and whiskey raffles and lotteries. Be sure to subscribe at so you never miss any news.

Source: Ohio Department of Liquor Control

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