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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Kentucky Peerless Named Craft Producer of the Year by Whisky Magazine

Whisky Magazine has named Kentucky Peerless as their Craft Producer of the Year. They beat out 20 other distilleries across the globe for the designation.

For those unfamiliar (us included), we reached out to Peerless to find out what made them unique among craft producers and received the following from them:
"We use a Sweet Mash process instead of the standard sour mash, we distill at no higher than 132 proof, our barrel entry proof is 107, we don't chill-filter and everything we produce is bottled at barrel strength. We are family owned and operated with our Fourth Generation as the owner and we have never sourced any product."
Each year Whisky Magazine awards their Icons of Whisky in select categories. Nominations are made through Whisky Magazine by industry peers, with the final decision made by the Whisky Magazine Editorial Panel. The criteria used to select the winners is not provided by Whisky Magazine.

Regardless, we'd like to congratulate Kentucky Peerless on their award and look forward to seeing more of them on the shelves soon.

Source: Kentucky Peerless

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