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Friday, January 18, 2019

Ohio Liquor Control Announces Limestone Branch Rye Single Barrel Availability

The Ohio Department of Liquor Control has announced the availability of Limestone Branch Rye, which is produced by the only distillery in Kentucky owned by members of the Beam Family. The State will be selling 120 bottles at 375 ml each for a price of $29.99 + tax starting at 9am on January 25th at the following locations:

Columbus (60 bottles)
Meet Master Distiller Steve Beam
Giant Eagle Upper Arlington
3061 Kingsdale Center
Upper Arlington

Cincinnati (30 bottles)
Beckett Wine & Liquor
8211 Princeton Glendale Rd
West Chester

Cleveland (30 bottles)
Silver Spirits Liquor
1482 N Portage Path

For those unfamiliar with the Limestone Branch brands, they produce the Yellowstone (bourbon) and Minor Case (rye) brands. The distillery opened in February of 2012 by and is located in Lebanon, Kentucky. As mentioned earlier, it was started and is run by Steve and Paul Beam from the famous Beam Family (see Jim Beam).

Given the limited quantity available, if this is something you are interested, we recommend getting there plenty early. Given the limited quantity, size of the bottle (only 375ml), and how little we know about Limestone Branch, we'll going to sit this one out. If you go to any of the locations, drop us a note in the comments on what your experience was like.

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