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Sunday, December 9, 2018

J.W. Rutledge Plans New 140 Acre Distillery Near Louisville

New startup J.W. Rutledge Distillery LLC, led by former Four Roses Master Distiller Jim Rutledge along with Stephen Camisa and Jon Mowry, are planning a 140 acre distillery near Louisville. The project aims to produce Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Straight Rye Whiskey using traditional methods. From their announcement:
"We're building a facility that utilizes clean technologies like geothermal heating and cooling, solar energy, and biomass energy. Incorporating these sustainable technologies with age old whiskey-making techniques will allow us to produce exceptional Kentucky whiskeys for many decades to come"

One of the stated goals of this new venture is to 'remain free of corporate structuring'. We're not sure what that means, but given the history and resume of J.W. Rutledge, we're excited to see. We reached out to J.W. Rutledge Distillery, LLC for more information, but their email and contact forms were not working at the time of this article. We'll post another story as we hear more about this venture.


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