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Friday, December 7, 2018

Food & Wine Rates 25 Most Important Bourbons Ever Made

Food & Wine brought together 23 bourbon experts to list out the 25 most important bourbons ever made. The experts are comprised of a mixture of distillers, writers/historians, and whiskey bar or store owners. The list was rated by the following criteria:
'Each participant named five to ten bourbons that made a difference—not their favorite bourbons, or the ones they thought tasted best, but those bottles that were influential, innovative or otherwise held a significant place in bourbon history'
Votes were then tallied. Coming in as the most important bourbon ever made was Maker's Mark due to the iconic wax red seal, unique bottle, and how the Maker's Mark Distillery was a tourist attraction long before the Kentucky Bourbon Trail became a thing.

Only one brand that made the list appears on (14. Willett Family Estate line), but several others are in the hopper. Stay tuned to for those reviews in the near future! The entire list is worth checking out.

Source: Food & Wine

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