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Monday, October 22, 2018

Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch Review

Welcome to the review for Evan Williams 1783

Manufacturer: Heaven Hill

Age: Unknown

Location Produced: Bardstown, Kentucky

Mash Bill: Unknown

Aroma (from manufacturer): Oaky vanilla, sautéed butter, and sweet corn

Taste (from manufacturer)Semi-sweet, oaky, and honeyed

Finish (from manufacturer): Lean, off-dry, and regal

Alcohol: 43%

Who is this for?: People looking for a cheaper, yet decent bourbon. I would recommend for mixing, infusions, as well as drinking on the rocks.

Cost (Ohio): $18.99

Review: Taste - As always, we'll start with the taste. For a $19 dollar bottle, this has a decent amount of flavor. I did get the flavor of the oak, however, I didn't get any honey. Surprisingly, it goes down pretty well for a bourbon this cheap. Score 26 out of 35

Smoothness/Finish - This one lingers a bit. It's funny that Heaven Hill says that the finish is 'regal'. My first car when I turned 16 was a 1984 Buick Regal (Olympic edition). What made this car unique is that
when you turned the car off, the engine would start sputtering... so if you had the key out, but hit the gas, the driver could operate the car without the key. That story reminds me of Evan Williams 1783.... Even after I've tasted the bourbon, it still lingers. Score 10 out of 25

Intangibles: Color/Appearance -
There isn't really anything original about the bottle or labeling. It's a bottle with stickers on it. In terms of the colors, it's got a medium dark complexion, which is nice. However, I wouldn't say this is something I would be overly proud to show people when they visit based on the appearance. Score 8 out of 15.

Availability - This seems pretty easy to find throughout central Ohio. I found it at Arena Spirits and also called a random liquor store (Ale, Wine, and Spirits) and they had it in stock. Score 5 out of 5

Overall Value - For $19, this may be my new go-to cheap bourbon. There isn't anything overly special about it, but for the price and overall value of the taste, this is a solid cheap bourbon. Score 13.5 out of 20. 

Final Score: 61.5 out of 100

Note: This review was done by Mark. The bottle was purchased at Arena Wine and Spirits, in beautiful, Columbus, OH

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